BrandsActive Mission

The genesis of BrandsActive happened when my young daughters innocently played while I witnessed news about how 1.4M children in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen will starve to death before Christmas.

BrandsActive’s reach is far, the focus is narrow. “Stopping Children Starve to Death” is not a mistake. It’s deliberate. It’s today. It’s now.

A simple solution to a complex problem is simple, straightforward and wrong. Money is not the only answer. The current model for most organizations is focused on donations. BrandsActive is a new model focused on collaboration, not donations. It’s about brands doing well by doing good in a special marketplace where talent and expertise collaborate to create solutions with a sense of shared responsibility, shared benefits, and shared values.

From power generation, medicine supply, communications, and logistics, data collection through to plastic bottles that trap flies and methods that can supply clean water and store food – the opportunities to work together are endless.

Your talent can help.

Thank you for checking us out. Please reach out to or call +1 917 239 3303 to discuss how you can take part. Thank you.

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Brand Purpose

Brands do well by doing good. That takes purpose. BrandsActive is a place where the world’s leading brands can unite and stop children starving to death in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen with innovative and unique solutions.

It takes leadership to make the impossible possible. Brands are about leadership. Every decision you make is a surrender to a course of action. Let it be ambitious, audacious and imaginative. Money is the picture but it doesn’t change the issues. How can you contribute to ideas like these or brainstorm new ones that take us from 50,000ft to 5ft?

Empowering Women
How can you help reduce the direct correlation with hunger and gender inequality? Empowering women to gain access to food, be providers, and lead their families can have a major impact on food access and ability to change financial situations.

Access to Credit
How can you help people in these poor countries to gain access to credit? Most of these credit loans are repaid, and they have created many industries, such as farms, that help create a sustainable provision for people and also develop nations economically. If these people do not have access to credit, they cannot start up industries that combat poverty.

Food Contributions
How can you lend a helping hand to inspire your employees to create schemes that impact donations of cash and food and help families dealing with starvation into a state of self-dependance? Relying on donations does not always guarantee food.

Government Intervention
How can you help aid foreign nations to be more focused on government intervention, like programs that provide food to mothers and their children? How can you help pressure Governments to reduce their tariffs and taxes on imported foodstuffs to get cheap food as fast as possible to these key countries faced by rampant starvation? Politics kick into high gear in times of crisis. Major brands can stop children starving faster.

Be an Advocate
How can you help dispel stereotypes and misconceptions about hunger and poverty and speak up when you witness people spreading false information or mistaken beliefs? Or use SM to crowd-source a useful answer for a farmer with a crop problem.

Sustainable Food
How can you help transform agriculture so people can provide food for themselves in a sustainable way? This is very powerful because ultimately we would like to see many impoverished areas not reliant on aid from foreign countries (which often causes debt) and able to create their own, steady, supply of food.

Advocate for Federal Nutrition Programs
How can you help starving children with food and nutrition assistance programs to help feed them and their families? These types of programs provide over 20 times more food than food banks, which is why it is so important to advocate for government policies that help stop children starving to death.

Urban Farming
How can you help push for urban farming for undernourished people who live near an urban environment? Urban farming empowers families to gain control over their own food source.

Vertical Farms
How can you help, promote and distribute vertical farming that grows up instead of out? Born out of a place where limited space is a daily struggle, vertical farms are bringing food security across Africa – and also allow families to create some extra income. Putting food in the hands of women – children will eat.

How can you help create something unique? Take the Wonderbag a slow cooker that requires absolutely no electricity. The Wonderbag doesn’t help to produce food, but it helps families save the food they have and can save up to 30% of a household’s annual income – freeing up money and easing famine! The Wonderbag is not a charitable product so how can you help supply those who can’t get a subsidized price?

Green Smarts
How can you help reduce crop losses by collecting and disseminating critical knowledge about plant health? It helps smallholder farmers minimize the spread of pests and disease by detecting plant health problems earlier and providing better recommendations for treatment and practical on the ground training.

Information Sharing
How can you improve food security and alleviate starvation by disseminating targeted agricultural information to small and marginal farmers? This includes capturing local agricultural knowledge, techniques and best practices from farmers and distribute to local mediators who organize and facilitate discussion and answer questions. Connecting farmers to markets lift them out of poverty.

Boost Grassroot Actions
How can you help starving people make their own change to improve their children’s access to healthy food in their own communities? Building a stronger local food economy can create jobs, keep money in the region and give people control over their own food.

Create Higher Yields
How can you help the farmer who is mostly female and uses little or no pesticide or fungicide to her crops? Her soil has been so over tilled and her annual yields are pitiful. Better farming techniques can help alleviate shortages, provide training and empower poor peasant farmers to think different with new seeds to break tradition and produce more food.

Spread the Word
How can you help spread the worldwide mission to feed and educate the parents of children starving to death by bringing together your employees to be selfless and compassionate to understand the needs and concerns of these starving children?

Birth Control Education
How can you help reduce high birthrates that pose a problem when trying to solve hunger? Many people are not educated on reproduction or do not have access to contraceptives. Gaining access to contraceptives allows for family planning and economic freedom.

Brand is not about marketing it’s about who you are. Reveal yourself.





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